Specialty Excalibur 1 5/8 Dual Lens


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The Excalibur Dual Lens is a significant improvement in lens design. The concept of the dual lens is to allow you to magnify just the X ring or the very spot you are shooting at and also give slight magnification to the rest of your target. This has been proven to reduce target panic and allows you to settle onto your target more comfortably. Both parts of the lens are optically centered, which is very important when choosing a lens. The lens gives you two different views. The base lens is our standard 2 power Excalibur Tuff Glass Lens. The center lens is a 6 power 0.250 diameter lens. All Specialty Archery Lenses are made from high quality optical glass. The lens is tempered and has an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare and scratching. This results in a lens that has an extremely clear image with 99.5% light transmission. For use with the 1011 and 1011BLK scopes. The Super D lens measures 1.345 diameter and weighs 200gr.

Field of view

6X .25 x-ring and part (not all) of 5 ring on NFAA Target
10 and part of 9 ring on Vegas target

SKU: 706DLD-1

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