Easton ACG Break-off Points 100/110/120 Grains - 12 Pk


Easton ACG Stainless Steel Break Off Points are specifically designed for the ACG (540, 480, 430) and Navigator shafts. Although most ACG and Navigator sizes use ACE Stainless Steel Break Off Points, which can be purchased separately, the three stiffest spines of 540, 480, 430 need this dedicated point which weigh 100/110/120 grains. The weight of each point can be reduced by 10 grain by simply breaking off the point tail to your individual needs or breaking off two sections to reduce weight by 20 grains. Easton ACG Stainless Steel Points represent one of the most technologically advanced arrow shaft components. For a precise fit, perfect flight and to increase your chances of standing victorious on the winner's podium, insist on Easton. Authentic Easton components absolutely make a difference.
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