Easton Nibb Points 1914 X7 64.1 Grains - 12 Pk


Durable nickel-plated hardened steel and precision alloy tube points. Nibb points are designed to fit Easton aluminium shafts, Easton ACC and Redline carbon shafts, Beman ICS Energy carbon shafts, some Gold Tip and Carbon Express shafts and other shafts of matching dimensions. Extra long aluminium shank for better adhesion and strength. Easton NIBB one-piece bullet points are designed in a bullet point taper to reduce "glance-outs" and minimise damage to shafts with tight groupings for use with X7, XX78, XX75 shafts. NIBB point grain weights are +/- 0.5 grain while all other points are +/- 1 grain. Easton Nibb Points represent one of the most technologically advanced arrow shaft components. For a precise fit, perfect flight and to increase your chances of standing victorious on the winner's podium, insist on Easton. Authentic Easton components absolutely make a difference.
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