3D Nock Busters - X-Jammer 27 - 250Grain Point -12 Pk


Competition Archery 3D Nock Buster Points X-Jammer 27

Nothing punches the foam like Pro Points 3D NockBusters. The Original is built to dominate the field with high-quality, solid hardened stainless steel in an elongated bullet style. Never fear having to shoot into a crowded 12 ring again. The elongated design greatly reduces the severity of kiss-outs and the loss of precious points. They perform to the same degree as the 3D Nock Buster Pins, but are more durable due to the design. Available for most competition arrow shafts in multiple grain weights, 3D NockBusters Original deliver consistent results in the most demanding situations.
SKU: 3dNB-X-Jammer 27-250

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