Hoyt Formula F7 Limbs - 68" (med) 40#


  The Formula F7 Carbon, handcrafted in the USA, is loaded with high performance design and materials such as Hoyt's exclusive syntactic foam and triaxial carbon cores. The F7 design brought glory to the Champion of the London Summer Games and has been well received across the globe. Hoyt released the Formula F7 Syntactic Foam and Wood core limbs for standard dovetail risers. The first limb with Triaxial Carbon Technology made to fit a Formula series riser, Formula F7 is the pinnacle for Hoyt standard dovetail risers. For the past 30 years archers have been shooting a dovetail system that engineers at Hoyt invented together with riser geometry which has served as the basis for most standard recurve bows. From 1983 until Hoyt's Formula revolution in 2009, millions of Hoyt dovetail system bows are in service today and no one knows more about the genuine article than Hoyt. The Formula F7 Syntactic Foam Core limbs are extremely reactive and have been tested to produce some of the quickest speeds out of any limb on the market. Hoyt Formula recurve limbs suit Hoyt Formula Risers but do not suit Hoyt Grand Prix Risers. Hoyt Formula recurve limbs do not suit any risers with universal or international limb fitment (ILF). Modern classics with a jump start in performance and accuracy. Because no one does it like Hoyt. Get Serious. Get Hoyt.
SKU: Hoyt-F7-68-40

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