Hoyt Formula Excel Limbs - 66" (Short) 30#


Introducing the all-new Formula Excel puts proven, podium-topping, gold medal winning Formula technology within reach of even the most budget-minded archers. Wood-glass powered Formula Excel limbs provide premium quality Formula system options in a more budget minded configuration. Formula Excel is the ideal starter, intermediate, club and programme limb, with legendary Hoyt durability, craftsmanship and performance. The Formula Excel limbs deliver all the smoothness, precision and accuracy demanded by top recurve archers. Hoyt's new Formula system has completely re-defined recurve bows, taking the sport and it's shooters to all-new levels. Never before has a product been so dominant, so soon after introduction. Formula Excel Series, complete with a precision machined aluminium riser and Hoyt's unmatched wood core limb technology. An affordable option for entry level archers looking to start the journey with quality equipment.   With nothing but success right from the start more than four years ago, Hoyt's Formula series is the most-winning new bow design in modern history. From World titles to Olympic Gold, Formula bows have set World, American, European and Korean records time and time again. The Formula for Success is back and ready for the future. Are you ready? The future is now. Come join Hoyt for the journey. Hoyt Formula Excel wood-glass limbs fit Hoyt Formula Excel riser.   Limbs come in a strong cardboard box and are protected in limb socks with plush lined insides and velcro flap to secure limbs.   If you're looking for a high performance recurve limb at an unheard of price, don't settle for second best. Formula Excel Limbs - check them out soon. Get Serious. Get Hoyt.
SKU: Hoyt-Excel-66-30

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