Beiter - Hunter Pin Nock - Symmetric - Neon Yellow


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• Fits precisely on all pins, can be used with any arrow that utilizes a pin bushing
• Highest precision and lowest tolerances, every nock size is made from the same mould

  • The Hunter Pin Nock is for use with compound shooters who use a D-Loop. Hunter Pin Nocks are "symmetric" because only with this shooting style, the release and nock are in one line, which is the only symmetrical way to shoot in archery
  • Each nock size has only one single mould to offer the highest precision and the lowest tolerance because every single nock of one size comes out of the same mould
  • The Hunter Pin Nock does not pinch on the nocking point, but rests there with a spring effect and is more durable than other brands of nocks, having a much longer working life and more importantly, Beiter nocks are guaranteed to provide consistent release from the string, shot after shot.
  • The Beiter Hunter Pin Nock can be shot with all known nocking points, but the Beiter nocking point is the ideal partner for the Beiter Hunter Pin Nock and when teamed together, it avoids the arrow nocking out of the string at full draw and are an ideal gliding surface.
  • Sold in a pack of 12
  • Available in colours of red, orange, blue, dark green, white and purple. Please specify colour choice. They come in a further 9 colours which are not stocked colours, but can be special ordered. Please enquire
  • Beiter Pin Nock Hunter precisely fits all types of pins and can be used with any arrow that uses a pin bushing
  • Available in asymmetric #1 small groove for recurve, asymmetric #2 large groove for recurve and symmetric Hunter designed for compound shooters using a D-Loop. Please specify type
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