Beiter Compound Limb Gauge - Black


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The Beiter Limb Line Gauge #0402 is a simple and effective precision tool for tuning solid limb compound bows and to determine the correct limb alignment. On one side, the Limb Line Gauge is for use with narrow limbs - up to 37mm or 1.5" wide and the other side, is for use with wide limbs - up to 42mm or 1.75" wide.

On each side, there are two black lines on the face of the gauge and if the bow is aligned, the string should sit in the dead centre of the two black lines on both the top and bottom limbs. If you do not have perfect limb alignment, you can adjust the pockets on some bows whilst the Limb Line Gauge is in situ.

With the aid of a Beiter Limb Line Gauge you can check the arrow position on any bow and sight in the sight tunnel and limbs - the so called centre shot.

  • Determine the alignment of limbs with the handle
  • Check the arrow position in the bow window
  • Confirm the position and straightness of the limbs
  • Align centre shot, arrow position, sight tunnel and the limbs
  • Use to fine tune centre shot
  • Can be used with any solid limb compound bow
  • Is your handle straight

A Beiter Limb Line Gauge is definitely an indispensable tool for every archer and is sold as a pair. It is recommended that two Beiter Limb Line Gauges be used to check limbs.

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