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Bohning String Separator
Bohning Serve-Tite String Server without thread features adjustable tension and smooth thread flow. Excellent for quick, tight centre servings. The server has two thread tension adjustments to ensure consistently smooth and uniform string serving. The Serve-Tite String Server has a large feeder hole and a bushing to ease threading and prevent wear. Tension can be adjusted at the thread spool and the guide washer. This guarantees no overlapping winds as the server is revolved around the bowstring. A complete serving takes less than a minute to complete and the string can be served on a strong bow or while stretched between two posts. String server includes easy to follow illustrated instructions.
  • A serving is started by holding a short piece of the serving thread on the bowstring and over-wrapping it. The wrap is continued until the "V" notch of the server rests securely against the bowstring.
  • The server is revolved around the string.
  • The server guides itself down the string, laying a tight series of uniform wraps with no overlapping.
  • About 0.5" from the end of the serving, lay a loop of thread on the bowstring.
  • Over-wrap this to the end of the serving. Cut the serving thread from the server and run the thread end through the loop.
  • With the loop, pull the serving thread back under itself and remove the looped end. Trim and finish the serving to your preference.
  • When loading a new spool onto the server, special attention should be given to the loading procedure.
  • 1. Remove the wing nut holding the spool and insert a fresh serving spool with thread coming off the spool, away from you.
  • 2. Run the thread under the washer axle and pull thread up tightly between the guide tension washers.
  • 3. Run end of serving through the hole in the "V" notch of the server.
  • 4. Adjust the tension and washer so thread pulls off smoothly, but with resistance.
A spool of thread will do 40 or more servings. When the last layer of thread appears on the spool, there is enough thread to complete one more serving. Both monofilament and nylon serving thread can be purchased separately. Perfect servings in minutes!
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