AAE Cavalier Stinger Release Rest with snake tongue


Has all the features of the Stinger rest and incorporates a dropped mounting bracket. This bracket allows you to place the rest securely on the side of your bow in a horizontal position.

The snake tongue incorporates a 0.010" Dave's Best Blade Launcher .3" or wide. In target competition there is no substitute for accuracy. The winner is the most accurate shooter with the most accurate setup.

Practice can make you better. A consistent shot depends on a consistent arrow rest and the Dave's Best Launcher makes you more consistent and provides the sort of consistent accuracy you crave. Dave's Best Blade Launcher is used by many of today's top tournament archers and was designed and endorsed by champion archer Dave Cousins. Blade is made from the highest quality stainless steel and carefully shaped to provide the most consistent arrow launch possible and is the strongest and simplest blade style available.

Stinger is simple, yet sturdy with an external spring adjustment. It is easy to install and easy to adjust and makes tuning a snap.

Stinger Arrow Rest with snake tongue can be converted to either RH or LH. AAE/Cavalier USA, the world's foremost supplier of quality archery products.


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