Beiter Limb Tip Line Gauge Set


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The Beiter Limb Tip Line Gauge set helps to determine limb straightness and torsion.

The Limb Tip Line Gauge set comprises 4 sizes to fit every recurve limb on the market from from 20.0mm to 34.5mm.

  • #0421 to fit 20.0mm to 24.0mm wide limbs
  • #0441 to fit 24.0mm to 27.5mm wide limbs
  • #0461 to fit 28.0mm to 31.0mm wide limbs
  • #0481 to fit 32.5mm to 34.5mm wide limbs

At least three Limb Tip Line Gauges can be placed on the tips of every recurve limb.

The Beiter Limb Tip Line Gauges must be placed between the string and the limbs and this avoids the string being retained in the string groove and quickly shows if the limb is correctly aligned.

It is recommended to use a Limb Tip Line Gauge with a Beiter Brace, a Beiter RipClutch or Beiter Multi Tool Bow Vice and also a Beiter Limb Line Gauge.

Beiter Limb Tip Line Gauge set includes 4 gauges and fully illustrated diagram and installation instructions.

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