Tusker Aztec 200gr Broadhead - 6pk


Tusker Aztec broadhead

  • Screw in
  • 2 blade
  • 200 grains
  • 2.5" or 62mm long
  • Cutting diameter 1.25" or 32mm
  • 0.035" blade thickness
  • 11-32" ferrule

2 solid blades for strength and penetration.

Solid unvented blades mean there is silent flight.

Tusker broadheads come with a factory bevelled edge, leaving you to razor sharpen to your desired angle.

You must use a broadhead sharpener to sharpen your broadheads to razor sharpness. Once sharpened, you can perform a test to see if broadhead is sharp - broadheads will normally shave hair on your upper arm. Broadhead sharpeners are sold separately.

Every Tusker broadhead has been individually spin tested. If the broadhead does not meet Tusker's exacting quality assurance standards, it does not leave the factory - simple as that. High carbon spring steel 50 Rockwell C hardness.

  • Solid unvented
  • Silent
  • Individually spin tested
  • Factory bevelled edge
  • High strength for good penetration
  • Australian made
  • Sold as singles

For all your hunting needs - from rabbits and foxes to the boar and mighty buffalo. Tusker Broadheads - proudly made in Australia since 1964.

If you are a serious Big Game Hunter, give yourself the professional edge with a Tusker 2 blade broadhead.

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