Gold Tip Kinetic Hunter 300 shafts dz c/w Nocks & Inserts


Gold Tip 'Kinetic' Hunter Shaft - 1 Doz
If you're hunting larger game or striving to increase your accuracy in wind and inclement weather, the Kinetic shaft is engineered to deliver maximum kinetic energy.
Kinetic Hunter delivers the benefits of a small diameter shaft - less drag and better target penetration. With the same durability, performance, and premium components as it's dearer cousins in the Kinetic line, the Kinetic Hunter delivers unmatched penetration... with a more affordable price tag.
Kinetic Hunter Specifications:
Straightness tolerance: +/-.006
Ten Zone SPINE (Defection Inches) .200 Big Game  .300          .400          .500       
Ten Zone Grains per Inch (GPI) 11.6 10.4 9.5 7.6
Ten Zone Stock Length (Inches) 30 30 30 30
Ten Zone Outer Diameter Inches (OD) .281 .275 .270 .258
Ten Zone Inner Diameter Inches (ID) .204 .204 .204 .204
Accu-Tough Nocks and Accu-Tough inserts come standard with the Kinetic Hunter shaft.
SKU: GT-Hunter-300

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